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    I have lived in Georgia for about 10 years. I have assisted many people in contacting Georgian doctors and arranging their stay to receive phage therapy. I hope I can be of service to anyone who needs help. I provide all possible information for free.
    Alain LAVIT

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    Georgian physicians have been practicing phage therapy for 100 years and are the world's leading experts in the field.


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    Organization and Service

    It is worth noting that the organization was remarkable both in terms of logistics and human support: – Management of travel and accommodation arrangements. – The presence of an outstanding interpreter on-site: Tamouna, supported by the highly efficient Zviad. – Appointments were handled completely and with great reliability. Written on January 6, 2019, by Mrs.

    Madame F.D

    I saved my leg

    Phew! Finally, a moment of calm! Since Friday, I’ve been on my February holiday! I’m taking advantage of this quiet moment to finally write to you and wish you all the best for a happy and prosperous 2023. I hope you are well! Yes, I’ve returned to work at the high school since September 1st!


    Healed from a urinary tract infection.

    I am delighted to share my experience with phage therapy. For 5 years, I had a urinary tract infection that caused me a lot of pain and discomfort, but no treatment or doctor could alleviate it. However, I discovered phage therapy on the internet and decided to go to Georgia to get treated. I am

    BENARD Franck

    Klebsiella urinary tract infection

    Aged 69 and diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1992, treated with Interferon, I had frequent urinary tract infections sometimes treated blindly. This likely led to the selection of a multidrug-resistant Klebsiella Pneumoniae strain that I had been carrying in my urinary tract since 2014. All conventional antibiotic treatments were attempted as prescribed by infectious disease


    Phage therapy saved my arm.

    Diagnosed with a Staphylococcus aureus infection in my elbow following a motorcycle accident, after undergoing 36 surgeries under general anesthesia and right before facing amputation in France, I discovered phage therapy and “Healing in Georgia.” They helped me organize my stay, medical appointments, provided an interpreter, translated my medical records, and more. Ultimately, they facilitated

    Christian TIXIER

    Gérard PAUL

    I am 69 years old and had been suffering from painful recurrent urinary tract infections for about 10 years. I was taking antibiotics every six months, but they only provided temporary relief. I learned about phage therapy through TV interviews (see these TV appearances: [YouTube link]). In January 2020, I went to Tbilisi, Georgia, for

    Gérard PAUL

    Bone and joint infection and staphylococcus aureus

    After a knee operation, I was infected with golden staphylococcus. After years of antibiotics, nothing could treat it. Worse, this staphylococcus was very “virulent” and I had several bouts of septicemia. My infectious disease doctor confirmed that I needed to stay close to a hospital as the septicemia could return very quickly and I could


    The trip was superbly organized, with no missteps. Thanks to you, I was able to arrange this trip, which I would not have known how to organize otherwise in such a different


    Eric – autistic

    My son Eric, 22 years old, is autistic. Following phage therapy in Georgia, he is doing rather well. He recently underwent intestinal microbiota analysis, and it can be said that the phages have thoroughly CLEANED UP! There’s no trace of unwanted bacteria left, with abundant and absolutely normal intestinal flora. Eric no longer has any


    Cured of a staphylococcus infection on a knee prosthesis through phage therapy.

    Thank you, Georgia! Thank you, phages! Thank you, Medical care in Georgia! After a knee operation and the installation of a semi-compartmental prosthesis, I was infected by an extremely virulent golden staphylococcus and ended up in septic shock within 48 hours. I was operated on again to replace the prosthesis and deeply clean the knee,

    Thierry De Passemar

    Françoise GAUTIER

    We were delighted with our stay, both at the hotel and at the clinic, thanks to the competence and kindness of the staff. The organization by the agency “Healing in Georgia” is perfect, and we have no hesitation in recommending their services. My mobile number in case anyone wants more information: +33(0)6 07 73 63

    François GAUTIER

    Cystic fibrosis treated with phage therapy.

    I am 43 years old and have been suffering from cystic fibrosis, colonized by Pseudomonas aeruginosa since the age of 9. Not only have I found a treatment far beyond my expectations, but I have also encountered a warm and caring community. In just a few days of phage therapy, my health has improved significantly.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    You can find also get the answers to your questions about phage therapy and Georgia by contacting us.
    Phage therapy is the use of bacteriophages, which are viruses that can destroy bacteria, to treat bacterial infections.
    Georgia (country) is the most experienced country in the world with the largest collection of bacteriophages.
    Phage therapy treats most of the bacterial infections.
    The effective phages need to come into contact with the bacteria, so they are applied to the infected site.
    No side effects have been reported for phage therapy in the past 100 years.