Patient traité par phagothérapie

Feedback on phage therapy in Georgia

Claude is a patient who underwent phage therapy in Georgia for a Staphylococcus aureus infection. He wanted to share his testimony, which we transmit as is and remains his responsibility.

Experience with Phage Therapy in Georgia

My Story


A quick trip to the hospital for a minor procedure, a slightly infected wound….

Everything went smoothly, but a high fever quickly set in, and the wound began to suppurate. Blood tests revealed a bacterial infection…no healing.

Unexpectedly, the antibiotics did not work. Nothing did, the doctors were helpless as they had no alternative solution.

This scenario is not fiction. This is happening more and more in France and it will continue to escalate.

The hospitals are unable to treat me, to cure me.


On 4/4/2018, my right leg is gangrenous and tibial amputation is inevitable.

After the amputation, a new problem arises: the stump does not heal and this lasts all year. The 2017 scenario is repeating itself, and a new amputation “above the right knee” is imminent.

Blood tests still revealed a bacterial infection (multi-resistant bacilli MRSA of type “AUREUS and EPIDERMIDIS”)

As my condition worsened with a compromised prognosis, I learned of an alternative solution in Georgia (former Soviet) at a clinic in Tbilisi.

I quickly made contact with the association “Healing in Georgia” led by Mr. Lavit and his wife.

2019 :

After numerous interventions, the stump wound is stabilized but the infection is still present. I then considered my departure for Georgia. I had to organize the round trip. I was welcomed at Tbilisi airport, with comfortable accommodation planned for three weeks from July 19 to August 5, 2019.

A driver ensured my round trips to the hospital, an interpreter facilitated exchanges with local doctors during treatments that lasted about 1h30.

All these services were perfectly organized by the team of Caucasus Healing in Georgia.

I went daily to have the infection on the stump treated by the clinic’s surgeon.
Back at my apartment, a French friend who had accompanied me took care of logistics and stewardship. I was taking a daily dose of PHAGE.


Before the arrival of antibiotics, doctors as early as 1917 used phages to stop bacterial infections.

These techniques were abandoned in the West, and used only covertly, in Russia and Georgia.

For its part, the WHO allows its use only on a COMPASSIONATE basis.

PR DUBLANCHET, microbiologist, former head of department at the Hospital Center of Villeneuve ST Georges (Val de Marne), tried to promote PHAGOTHERAPY in France, but the WHO was watching. The big Western pharmaceutical companies (Big Pharma) had to stay in control.

Change of doctrine and current research

While the golden age of antibiotics is waning, this still forbidden technique is coming out of oblivion and raising new hopes.

Professor Olivier Patey, infectious disease specialist, head of department, treated ME Caroline Lemaire at Villeneuve St Georges in 2008, saving her from amputation, after identifying the germs responsible for her infection. It is indeed the phages marketed in Eastern countries that are saving many people today.

What we know in 2023

Bacteriophages are naturally present in nature.

Many desperate French people are going to Georgia where everything is organized to treat their antibiotic-resistant pathologies.

Email address:

Phage treatments have no legal status, and their use is strictly regulated. For proof, Dr. Ferry, who boasts of treating patients with phage therapy, refused to treat me at La Croix Rousse in Lyon, which is why I left for Georgia in 2019.

After 10 days of treatment by Dr. Georgi GOTSADZE, my stump healed. I had been waiting for this since 2018. Today, I can finally be fitted with a prosthetic, and hence walk, since the stump has become healthy, and I never had a recurrence.


Current efforts  

I quote a doctor working in an infectious diseases department:

“The current approach of some laboratories with their doctors at their beck and call, is to search for new mechanisms of action by antibiotic therapy that generate profits rather than turning to new therapies with phages.

Thus, there are still no Phages and phage therapy in the West, it’s old medicine, yet not expensive, but it must not disrupt an external supply to our laboratories.

Fortunately, courageous doctors including Christian Perronne assure that in the case of certain nosocomial diseases “iatrogenic and pathogenic contracted within hospitals themselves, phage therapy would be the remedy of choice.

Thanks, therefore, to C Perronne, A Du blanchet, O Parex, A Asselineau, R Maruchitch, A Salvelairen (Tbilisi) who formed the first link.




Stop the makeshift attempts, the conflicts of interest, the market authorizations for a long time in coming

When will the European framework be in view for the adoption of phage therapy in the West?

Why has the European Commission argued that bacteriophages can be regulated in the same way as some medicines?

The advantage with Georgia is to have clinical trials for a phage therapy of satisfactory methodological quality, documenting the effectiveness and safety of use of phages.

Georgia allows the provision of data from a well-documented case series, at the level of quality, effectiveness, conditions of phage development, their use, pharmaceutical qualitative requirements.

Thus, phage therapy, which is developing, is re-emerging in the therapeutic arsenal as an alternative to antibiotic therapy in the face of situations of deadlock against multi-resistance and the shortage of new antibiotics.

Phages are indeed healing viruses because they hijack the bacterial cellular machinery to their advantage. By multiplying they explode the bacterium, at the same time releasing virions, which in turn attack the neighboring bacteria, according to a self-amplifying phenomenon. It has been demonstrated that the bacterium is destroyed in 30 minutes.


My trip to Georgia saved my life, because if I had waited for the opinion of the National Agency for Medicinal Product and Health Product Safety (ANSM), I would no longer be alive.

I remind you that it was in La Croix Rousse hospital that I was infected with multi-resistant bacteria, causing septicemia, then amputation.

Don’t look for culprits.

It’s the same hospital and the professor who practices there and who boasts of using phages who banned me from using phages that they use! And they amputated me!!!.

I wish no harm to anyone, but I am not talking about my disability, my loss of autonomy, the cessation of my professional activities, a sacrificed life that resonates with my surroundings and my family.

If there is an urgent need to save yourself, it is not the reference center for complex osteoarticular infections (CRIOAC) at the Croix Rousse Hospital in Lyon that will save you.
Moreover, no doctor will inform you about Georgia and everything will be due to bad luck.
Let’s hope that Dr. Ferry, Lustig, and Laurent, with the company Pheredydes Pharma, will be able to use the €2.85 million grant received in 2021 wisely.

It’s high time to succeed because nosocomial infections affect 5% of hospitalized patients, causing 13,000 deaths annually in France.

There is extreme urgency to save oneself elsewhere because excessively few compassionate cases will benefit from phages.

It’s good to be impatient to explore promising therapeutic avenues!

I chose the finders of Georgia, rather than researchers searching without finding.

Signed: Claude Lavardac

Condemned to live since 2018

Made to serve and attest to the right.

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