Online Medical Consultation - Phage Therapy

It is possible to seek the professional opinion of Georgian doctors who specialize in phage therapy for your specific case through an online medical consultation. This consultation will be conducted remotely via email. Before proceeding, please ensure that your bacteria can be treated using phage therapy by referring to the following webpage: List of bacteria and pathologies treatable by phage therapy.

Once you have confirmed the eligibility of your bacteria, your medical consultation will involve submitting your medical information by completing the form provided below. We will receive and translate your information, forwarding it to Georgian doctors who specialize in phage therapy and the relevant field related to your condition (e.g., pneumologist-phage therapist, urologist-phage therapist, dermatologist-phage therapist, surgeon-phage therapist, etc.). Upon receiving their responses, we will promptly relay them to you. You will then learn whether they can assist you and whether they agree to accept you as a patient (as their approval is necessary to receive patients).

If you receive confirmation from the Georgian doctors and wish to proceed, we will assist in organizing your stay in Georgia (Arrangements for your stay in Georgia).

For any other inquiries, please feel free to:

Email us at Call our toll-free French number: 09 72 27 65 17 Chat with us on the website (via the “Help” window located at the bottom right corner).

Medical Advice Phage therapy

Medical Advice Phage therapy

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