Bactériophage injectant son matériel génétique dans une bactérie

What is a bacteriophage?

The CAMBRIDGE dictionnary gives this definition: Bacteriophage: masculine noun, a virus that grows and divides inside a bacterium, destroying it.Bacteriophages, also called phages, are viruses that infect bacteria. They are considered the natural predators of bacteria and play an important role in regulating their population. The bacteriophage has a relatively simple structure, consisting of a DNA or RNA genome encapsulated in a protein called […]
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Laboratoire de production de phages

Georgian phages funded by Europe

GEORGIAN PHAGES ARE FUNDED BY EUROPE TO PRODUCE PHAGES THAT MEET EUROPEAN MEDICAL STANDARDS. BioChimpharm: Georgian phage production company BioChimpharm is a company specialized in manufacturing medicines and health products using biological raw materials. Through the use of biochemistry and biotechnology techniques, it develops innovative drugs that meet patients’ needs. The company focuses particularly on […]
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