Treatment of Crohn's Disease

How to treat Crohn’s disease

Georgian phage therapists have a specific approach to IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, including Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s Disease).

Patients must understand that Crohn’s disease is a complex illness where bacteria are not always the primary cause of the disease. Indeed, there are three main determined yet poorly understood causes:

It is very important to understand that phage therapy may not be a cure for the problem, but could be beneficial as a therapy added to other treatments.

Finally, Georgian doctors treat Crohn's disease patients with phage therapy with great care and caution. They closely monitor the progression of symptoms and adjust the treatment accordingly.

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The latest research on treating Crohn's disease using phage therapy was conducted by the Pasteur Institute in 2017. This research demonstrates the great utility of phage therapy in treating this pathology. However, these studies were conducted only on "mouse models," and only Georgian doctors have experience with phage therapy treatment for Crohn's disease.

Available by clicking on the following link:

Pasteur Institute: Phage Therapy Effective in Crohn's Disease