Bone and joint infection and staphylococcus aureus

After a knee operation, I was infected with golden staphylococcus. After years of antibiotics, nothing could treat it. Worse, this staphylococcus was very “virulent” and I had several bouts of septicemia. My infectious disease doctor confirmed that I needed to stay close to a hospital as the septicemia could return very quickly and I could die within 24 hours. So, I had no other option but to try phages! I went to Georgia and they took such good care of me with phages that for the past 6 months, I’ve been doing very well and haven’t had any more bouts of septicemia. I had talked to my infectious disease doctor about phages and he told me that if I went to Georgia for phage therapy, he would stop taking care of me! It served me well not to have listened to him and to have gone through with the said phage therapy. Thank you Georgia, thank you phages, thank you for CAUCASUSHEALING!!

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